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Experis Academy develops skills for the future. Through three months of accelerated learning, and a further twelve months of specialization conducted at a top IT firm, our graduates develop desired IT skills. 

Our concept is based on the bootcamp method with accelerated learning in a classroom format. Here we combine theory with practice under close supervision and guidance from teachers and mentors.



60% of Norwegian companies report that the need for IT expertise is the absolute biggest obstacle for growth.



Only 4,846 study places in IT were available in 2017, with over 48,000 applicants.



14% of all IT graduates are unemployed the first six months after graduating, indicating that today's education programs are partially obsolete.

Experis Academy's programs have been developed in close collaboration with the IT industry and Noroff, the School of Technology and Digital Media. Candidates develop real skills that are in line with business needs. After three months of accelerated learning, the participants are ready for a specialization period with our customers.

We offer various programs that combine tailor-made studies with a specialization period at some of Norway's leading IT firms. The programs have been developed in collaboration with Experis Ciber and Noroff, School of technology and digital media. Candidates develop real skills that are in line with business needs.

Our reskill programs focuses on developing the people who are already a part of your business. The need for skills are changing, and with the tailor-made reskill programs from Experis Academy, you are ensured that your employees will have the expertise needed to succeed in the future.


- We are an oil service company and therefore do not have a long tradition of recruiting software developers. Moreover, we see that all industries are now being digitized, which tightens the competition for the best developers.

Experis Academy has helped us find a solution to this challenge. Through them, we gain access to graduates with right expertise adapted to the specific needs of the company, says Eduardo Høidal, HRBP for the DSI department in TechnipFMC.

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Experis Ciber

- The advantage of our Experis Ciber consultants is that they are able to guide others, making them more attractive to customers. This is valuable both for us and for the participants who need sparring partners and advice from experienced consultants who knows what is required. 

At Experis Academy you will learn everything you need to know about being a successful consultant and an efficient developer, says Espen Vogt-Østli, CEO of Experis Ciber.

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bedrifter 2 description

"The pace of technological development is so fast that parts of what the students learn are outdated when they finish their studies. With Experis Academy, we get access to graduates with skills and competencies adapted to the specific needs of the company."

- Eduardo Høidal, HRBP for DSI department at TechnipFMC 


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IT skills for the future employment market

IT is one of the most sought after skills in Norway. In this regard, Norway has a deficit of several thousand people.

Experis Academy is part of the solution to bridge this gap. We provide people with the skills that companies are looking for. We take this deficiency very seriously. We give our participants the necessary professional training required in order to be better equipped for the future. In this way, we provide companies with skills that they otherwise would have great difficulties in finding.

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