Ready for a career in IT?

Experis Academy is a unique opportunity for those pursuing a career in IT. We offer various programs that combine tailor-made studies with a Graduate position at one of Norway’s leading companies. The Graduate program provides you with skills that are sought after in the industry and will kickstart your IT career.

Experis Academy's graduate program combines 3 months of accelerated learning with a 12-month specialization period with some of Norway's most exciting IT development environments. During the program, mentors from Experis Ciber and career coaches from Right Management, will work closely with the participants. After the specialization period, the graduates will be able to get a permanent job at Experis or one of our customers.

Experis Academy's programs have been developed in collaboration with top IT firms and Noroff, School of technology and digital media. Graduates develop real skills that are in line with what business needs.

As a participant in one of our graduate programs, you must have completed a bachelor's degree and have an interest in programming. You are passionate about problem solving, a willing learner, and likes to take on tough challenges and projects both individually and in teams. You are fluent in both Norwegian and English, written and orally.

We have continuous admissions throughout the year. Read more about, or look for the different programs under "our program".

We offer various programs that combine tailor-made studies with a specialization period at some of Norway's leading IT firms. The programs have been developed in collaboration with Experis Ciber and Noroff, School of technology and digital media. Candidates develop real skills that are in line with business needs.

Our reskill programs focuses on developing the people who are already a part of your business. The need for skills are changing, and with the tailor-made reskill programs from Experis Academy, you are ensured that your employees will have the expertise needed to succeed in the future.

Bianca Eilertsen, graduate

After I joined Experis Academy I don't think I will struggle going forward in my career ever again. There is no place you will get as much expertise in such a short time as you get from Experis Academy.

- Bianca Eilertsen, graduate Experis Academy

kanidater 1 description
kanidater 1 description

Snorre Hukkelås, graduate

Now I have the expertise needed to solve specific tasks for clients. Experis Academy has made me better equipped to be able to produce as early as possible during the specialization period that we will soon be going in to.

During the program you will be certified in Java and after the specialization period I am a Fullstack Java developer with a frontend specialization.

- Snorre Hukkelås, graduate Experis Academy

kanidater 2 description
kanidater 2 description

Karoline Rykkelid, graduate

What I enjoyed about Experis Academy, is that we have learned how to work with concrete tasks in a realistic setting. We have learned to work at a pace that is common in IT projects.

This involves structuring projects from scratch, with databases and tools for both backend and front end. We have learned a lot about the whole development process in a short time.

- Karoline Rykkelid, graduate Experis Academy

kanidater 3 description
kanidater 3 description

"Now I have the skills needed to solve specific IT problems for businesses. Experis Academy has made me well-equipped to perform and solve IT problems as early as possible in the specialization period which is the second phase of the graduate program.

- Snorre Hukkelås, graduate Experis Academy


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IT skills for the future employment market

IT is one of the most sought after skills in Norway. In this regard, Norway has a deficit of several thousand people.

Experis Academy is part of the solution to bridge this gap. We provide people with the skills that companies are looking for. We take this deficiency very seriously. We give our participants the necessary professional training required in order to be better equipped for the future. In this way, we provide companies with skills that they otherwise would have great difficulties in finding.

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