One year graduate program:

Fullstack Java developer specializing in frontend

The Graduate program runs over 15 months; the first three months are comprised of studies and certification in Java with our cooperating partner Noroff, and actual case assignments from clients. The following twelve months are comprised of practical use of acquired skills with one of Norway’s leading companies.

The Graduate program, which is a combination of theory and practical application, is comprehensive and you will be working hard and purposefully. The theory part of the program is based on the principles of accelerated learning and flipped classroom. The practical part will mainly be on assignment with selected Experis clients. Here, the focus will be on resolving specific client cases under expert and professional guidance from our best consultants in the field.

The Graduate program begins at the start of February, in Oslo. We are looking for 30 candidates for the program.

By participating in the Graduate program, you will acquire competence and skills within Java that are relevant for businesses in both the private and public sectors.

Experis Academy will pay you wages throughout the entire Graduate program. During the first three months you will receive 50% of the agreed wage, however all expenses for Java specialisation and certification are covered. From the first day on assignment on a project with a client you will receive full wages.

As a qualified graduate in Experis Academy, you are a Full-stack Java Developer with front-end specialisation. You have acquired relevant and sought-after skills and practical experience that will enhance your CV. In addition, you have a permanent job with one of Norway’s leading companies.

  • Start

    • Recruitment process


      Ability and personality tests




  • 3


    • Accelerated learning

      Industry-oriented education programs



      Client case

      Professional mentoring

      Career coaching


  • 12


    • Graduate

      Practice period at one of our clients

      Client project

      Professional mentoring

      Career coaching


  • 15


    • Result

      After completed the program will you be Full-stack Java Developer with front-end specialisation

      Strong CV

      Consulting experience

      Practical experience from work in a relevant environment

      Permanent job position with us or one of our clients


Course plan

  • Week 1: Getting started with Java projects

    Object oriented programming with Java

    Working with an IDE (IntelliJ, Eclipse)

    Unified Modeling Language (UML)

    Version control with Git

    Apache Maven

    Agile metodology introduction: Scrum 101, using Jira/Trello

  • Week 2: Java Back-end Technologies

    Spring Framework incl. Spring Boot

    Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

    Deployment Toolkit

    Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP)

    Java annotation

    Building services, REST – Microservices

  • Week 3: Front-end Web Applications

    Web servers


    Bootstrap 4

    WCAG 2.0 (UU)

    JavaScript 101

  • Week 4: JavaScript Frameworks

    jQuery + jQuery UI

    ReactJS vs..AngularJS


  • Week 5-8: Individual case based work

    Customer cases

    Mentoring from Ciber

    Noroff campus access

    Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer Certification

  • Week 9: Agile & Test Driven Development

    Test Driven Development (TDD)

    Continous Integration & deployment DevOps

    Scrum (in detail), Extreme programming. Kanban

  • Week 10: JavaScript Framewoks 1

    JavaScript (repetition)

    ReactJS OR AngularJS – Part 1

  • Week 11: JavaScript Framewoks 2

    Progressive web apps

    ReactJS OR AngularJS – Part 2

  • Week 12: Finalizing Case Front-end

    ReactJS OR AngularJS – Part 3

    At the end of week 12 the students should deploy their website/-app including the backend with microservices for gathering data.

"We are in the midst of a Skills Revolution. Technology is transforming organizations, skills needs are changing rapidly and we know companies cannot find the talent they need."

- Jonas Prising, CEO ManpowerGroup


Helge Ulven

Project Manager

+47 905 56 246

Andrea Kvinnesland Hvattum

Project Manager (out on maternity leave)

+47 480 22 586

Karoline Anglevik Erlien

Recruitment Advisor

+47 906 67 060

IT skills for the future employment market

IT is one of the most sought after skills in Norway. Norway has a deficit of several thousand workers within this professional area.

Experis Academy is part of the solution to this skills gap. We provide more people with the technology skills that companies are looking for. We take the lack of available skills seriously. We give our participants the necessary professional training they require in order to be better equipped in the future employment market. In this way, we provide companies with skills that they otherwise have difficulty in finding.