We offer various programs that combine tailor-made studies with a specialization period at some of Norway's leading IT development environments. The programs have been developed in collaboration with Experis Ciber and Noroff, School of technology and digital media. Candidates develop real skills that are in line with business needs.

Fullstack Javautvikler med frontend-spesialisering

Through Experis Academy you get a unique opportunity to acquire sought after IT skills. Here you will acquire the right expertise and experience that make you a sought after Fullstack Java developer.

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Fullstack .NET developer

The .NET program lasts for 15 months, of which the first three months consist of studies and certification in .NET at our partner Noroff, School of technology and digital media, and real case assignments from customers. The following twelve months consist of practical execution of dedicated competence in a permanent position with one of Norway's leading companies.

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"What sets the Experis Academy graduate programs apart from many other programs is that they are developed in partnership with the IT businesses and a recognized educational institution. Candidates develop real skills that are in line with business needs."

- Marko Valsamidis, Director Experis Academy

IT skills for the future employment market

IT is one of the most sought after skills in Norway. Norway has a deficit of several thousand workers within this professional area.

Experis Academy is part of the solution to this skills gap. We provide more people with the technology skills that companies are looking for. We take the lack of available skills seriously. We give our participants the necessary professional training they require in order to be better equipped in the future employment market. In this way, we provide companies with skills that they otherwise have difficulty in finding.